The Happy Combo



Elevate Coffee

Elevate Brew is our coffee blended with vitamin supplements that promotes weight loss and cognitive functions… Read More


Weight Loss
Enhanced memory
More natural energy
Helps Relieve body Pains
Increases metabolism


PEA (Beta Phenylethylamine HCL)
XylitolSilicon Dioxide
Colombian Dark R Caffeine Anhydorus
Kigelia Africana Extract
Peruvian Cocoa
and More…


Xanthomax is an herbal supplement that encourages detoxification of free radicals in your body as well as weight loss… Read More


Helps maintain a healthy heart
Accelerates weight loss
Improves skin tone and color
Reinforces healthy metabolic activity
Helps fight poor sleep


Xanthohumol extract
Tumeric Root Extract
Phosphatidyl Choline

Elevacity products are truly amazing; I love especially the smart coffee. It is truly amazing. Every morning I felt that I got a super low energy and yet while drinking it I find it invigorating and I felt the move to work.

Athena SmithCustomer

The moment that I drank the coffee, it truly feel energetic. Every time I drank it in the morning I felt that I’m much prepared and have lots of energy for the whole day. It’s effective energy booster!

Jenny JenkinsCustomer

At first I was curious about Elevacity promoting about having an elevated life. And when I tried the happy combo, it was ecstatic! I felt that I have much energy and so happy. The coffee is different from others since it has a weight loss component. Overall, it’s worth spending on it.

Charmaine BarbaraCustomer

Using Elevacity was awesome. It was great to drink to start my morning right. The coffee itself stand for its name. It is super smart and becoming my partner in life.

Lauren HaynesCustomer

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The happy combo

Both products function interactively for speedy weight reduction and a joyful mood! Nootropics encourages opiates and dopagenic reactions in your brain (the feel great compounds when you hug a loved one for instance) and address weight regulation between your brain and your stomach.

Harmonize the mind and the belly (usually regarded as your “second brain”) and expect change! You will stop craving, you won’t feel starved and your mood will improve.
After that, the thermogenic ingredients and appetite suppressants work to begin melting fat and inches off quickly!

It’s simply an every day “D.O.S.E”- one-half to a single cup of Elevate Brew together with one Xanthomax (an herbal supplement) that is your happiness booster.I said a half since I have buddies who have dropped 10 lbs in just two weeks on half a cup of Elevate Brew and then Xanthomax — amazing!