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Marylou O.

’’I lost 10 lbs with this coffee, and it gives me the energy without the palpitations. Most importantly is the focus I needed, brought about by Nootropics!


’’Before I joined Elevacity I was getting ready to give up on working online for years iv tried to work online I lost so much money trying and never got 1 sale or 1 partner I was about to say what I was wishing for was impossible but I was wrong cause now since iv been with Elevacity I'm getting customers, Partners and Hitting Ranks I am so Glad I did not let Elevacity Pass me by I am so thankful for Elevacity it has really changed my life and now I can see my dreams coming true


’’My name is Michael and today I made the new Elevate Brew coffee this morning and drank it at 11am. It smelled and tasted great! From that time until 9pm, I worked on a project with no big breaks! I never felt jittery at all but just mentally focused, alert and had plenty of energy. I absolutely recommend everyone try this coffee! I hear people are losing weight from this coffee along with the higher energy and increased focus. It is a fine, dark roasted Columbian coffee.


’’I’ve been on a weight-loss journey all this year. I got to 30 pounds down, and got stuck. Nothing worked. Enter Elevate Brew, and the plateau is behind me – way behind me! My goal was to shed 40 pounds this year, and I’m only 2 pounds away. YAY!


’’LIVING LIFE PAIN-FREE: Just had my toast sprinkled with cinnamon and some ginger then I Drink the Elevate Coffee to help with weight management, mood enhancer and energy booster–Naturally. I was NEVER a coffee person but the Elevate Coffee changed me and won me over with its incredible taste and aroma due to its blend of African and Columbian properties. I feel so incredible and ready to start my journey to weight loss and a slimmer me!!


’’I have been drinking Elevate Brew for about 7 weeks and I am down 12.6 pounds….I work long and crazy hours at American Red Cross and this coffee has amazing effects and I love it. It keeps me focused and alert and I don’t feel tired like I was. It has boosted my metabolism. Thanks Diane Jordan for introducing me to this amazing coffee.