10 Hacks to Unleash Your Body’s Natural Happiness Hormones

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You may not be aware of this, but our body has the capacity of releasing hormones of happiness. There are ten happiness hormones, and one of them is the oxytocin. The good news is, there are ways to release that into your body.

Aside from being tagged as one of the hormones of happiness, it is also called as the love molecule. How can you be able to boost the good feelings? Listed below are few of the techniques where you can naturally release the oxytocin.  

Give a gift

Whenever you receive something, you feel that you are special to them and you are loved. Aside from getting gifts from someone, it is also inevitable for your body to release oxytocins whenever you give a present. Once you have seen the glow from the eyes of the person who received the gift, you will be able to discover how grateful they are to you.

Use social media

Take the opportunity to reconnect with your old and childhood friends via social media. Whether that friend was the kind of friend that you have not seen in decades. Keep in touch with them to be able to feel the warm and happy feeling. These two are the factors you need to get rid of the stress which helps in stimulating the production of oxytocin in your body.  

Share your food

Some of the people bond because of food. This way is much similar to giving of gifts. You will be able to feel a one of a kind experience through showing sincerity to a particular person. If you will going to do this, you are not just naturally releasing your body’s oxytocin, but also you get to help other people release their happiness hormones through your genuine deed.

Do some exercises

Dancing is one of the forms of exercising. Why don’t you dance along with your favorite song? Exercising can reduce stress and boost the motivation hormones of your body. Once you are dancing in your favorite song, especially if you are a dancer, you get to experience positive flashbacks that powerful stimulation for oxytocin production.


Words of encouragement

Letting other people know they are capable of doing the things they are afraid of doing gives us that surreal satisfaction. Being able to support the person and to be their backbone help us release oxytocin that we need. How? When that person succeeds, or even just took the chance, they will be thankful to you for encouraging them. That gesture from them makes you smile.  

Take a supplement

There are oxytocin supplements available on the market. One of its examples is the XanthoMax which is a xanthohumol-based nutraceutical. It also has a super-nutrient antioxidant that can be found in hops flower–the same ingredient for beers–which creates oxidative stress and metabolic waste. These are two of the factors that can help you acquire positivity.

Learn to listen

Even though it is good to connect with your friends through social media, it is better to talk to them in person.You may be able to listen to them without any hassle, such as technological issues. In other words, if you are with them physically, you can instantly feel the connection. You can increase the level of oxytocin through listening to other people.  

Know how to meditate

The oxytocin increases if your mind is relaxed and clear from toxic. Through meditating, you may be able to allow yourself to be free from unnecessary stress that prevents you from being happy. Ensure to make time for yourself to release all the things that have been hindering you to smile. Meditating is not hard. You can even dot for not less than 5 minutes and you are done.  

Release your tears

They say, crying is good for the soul. To feel the equilibrium in your life, you need to make sure that your mind, body, and soul are connected. Once you have found that balance, you will experience calmness. Peacefulness helps you to have a clear mindset that allows you to fight against anger and frustrations. Let go of your sadness before it eats you.

Face your fears

Do something that you want to do but end up not doing it because you are scared of it. When you are facing your fears, you can turn the things you thought were impossible into something that is attainable. The more you avoid it, the more you will be able to develop anxiety. You build courage, and that alone can give you genuine happiness that you can’t get from others.

Being happy is the feeling that we need to give to ourselves. By releasing our oxytocin in our body, we realize happiness comes from within. It is not just because you were showered with love and affection but simply because you want to be one. Of course, with the help of the ten hacks, you will be able to receive the real happiness that you have been seeking.

If you are in a situation that you think there are no reasons for you to be happy, remember these ways. When a person is happy, he can be productive and healthier at the same time. This is because you have decluttered your mind and has freed yourself from the negativities around you. When you are with your friends or just spending alone time with yourself, you will get to realize that there are people in your life who genuinely love you.


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